August 10, 2022

Pau Gasol Has Game?

Apparently so if you have ever seen his wife. They are like oil and vinegar…err…I mean peas and carrots if you ask me. Lena likes to live quite carefree based on a Google image search of her name.  I recommend checking it out sometime or maybe right now?  WOW!



  1. I know Big Bird has a lot of dough, but how is he pulling something like that?

  2. Euro trash

  3. Looks like to me all he needed was a lot of one dollar bills.

  4. His $1 bills are more like $100’s
    She is definately swingin’ to a Motley Crew tune.

  5. Girls, girls, girls

  6. jander clander says

    She is not her wife. He has a girlfriend, but that’s not her.

  7. This dude is richer than Jesus lol, has money power fame, is a winner, leader, travels wherever he wants yatta yatta. It is Her that is lucky to have Him, and I guarantee he can get another girl as hot or hotter in almost any city. And people wonder how he’s “pulling” someone like that. You’ve got it all wrong, its the other way around.

  8. that’s not even his wife!!!