October 27, 2021

Beasley Introduced to the NBA

Check out the video clip below which displays Michael Beasley of the Miami Heat being introduced to the NBA by former NC State stud Cedric Simmons who now plays for the Chicago Bulls. Beasley might have beeen embarassed by that block, but he did score 28 points in last night’s summer league game. The number one pick Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls only dropped 10 points and had 5 turnovers.


  1. mr. wolf says

    How did that taste Mr. Beasley???????

  2. dexineffex says

    More like Michael Measley — don’t go weak to the baseline with on Ced, son! This is not 20-under AAU ball.

    Speaking of Ced Simmons — I was happy to see him on the court in the NBA’s summer leagues versus ballin off of Method Rd in Raleigh w/ Hodge, Grundy & co.

  3. ballbuster says

    “Get that s$%t out of here”!

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