October 27, 2021

Avtio Atlanta and the NBA

Josh Childress

Josh Childress found a lot of cabbage today in Greece after signing a three-year $20 million deal with the Greek club team Olympiakos. Childress was a restricted agent, but an NBA team can’t match an offer made from a club overseas. This contract is now the biggest ever in Europe yet more than likely it will be topped soon because other players are going to want this pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The twist to the is story is that the Hawks were set to offer Childress close to $36 million, but in Greece Childress won’t have to pay any taxes and will be treated like an absolute king. Primoz Brezec, Carlos Delfino, Juan Carlos Navarro and Bostjan Nachbar are other NBA players that decided to play in Europe this offseason.



  1. Going to miss that fro!

  2. I can’t believe the amount of money these bums rake in.

  3. This kid has been a nothin ever since he was at Stanford. The league and the Hawks will not shed any tears for this.. I wish the Euro league should take more of these stiffs. then maybe the NBA would be the real prestigious league it used to be like back in the 80’s

  4. sinistersam says

    Nothing since he was at Stanford?? The cat was player of the year in the PAC 10 as a junior in ’04.

  5. well Mr. Helper come on into a Pac 10 discussion..
    here is the Pac 10 that year and you tell me why I couldnt have been player of the year
    Josh Childress, Stanford
    Hassan Adams, Arizona
    Luke Jackson, Oregon
    Andre Joseph, Oregon
    Matt Lottich, Stanford
    Nate Robinson, Washington
    TJ Cummings, UCLA
    Dijon Thompson, UCLA

    this definately was a solid class.

  6. sinistersam says

    I see Bruins1. Your big issue is this is when YUCLA still stunk so the Pac 10 was nothing that year. Makes total sense now. You seemed to have left off Andre Iguodala, Brandon Roy, Leon Powe, Salim Stoudamire, Ike Diogu, Desmon Farmer and Channing Frye. I guess these guys are hacks too?

  7. Dude.. dont bring a Bruins perspective into this..
    Brandon Roy was not Brandon Roy as he was a freshman. But Ike Diagu?.. Channing Frye? Salim? Desmond farmer.. Leon Poe is a number 8 guy on the NBA bench and had 1 playoff game where he beat up Lamarr Odom (who is also a stiff). These guys are all hacks my man.

    So you are bringing in what these guys are doing in the NBA to show how good Childress was?.. not following you. Iguodala was a lower pick than Childress in the same draft.. whos better? if you want to continue down that route.. Al jefferson, josh Smith, jameer nelson, Luol Deng, Anderson Varejo and Sasha Vuacic were picked after Childress in the same draft.. So I am not seeing your point.. What kind of a difference maker was Childress for a franchise that has not won in 20 years. What major difference did this guy make in the playoffs this year?… the last 2-3 years talent that has come out of the Pac 10 would blow away what was playing in 2003-2004.. not even close. An if you want to make it into a Bruin bash.. Look how much better the Pac 10 is with UCLA doing well..I would just appreciate it if you said thank you for the all the hype the conference is getting due to that.

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