October 24, 2021

Angels Acquire Much Needed Pop

Mark Teixeira

The MLB trade deadline is fast approaching and outside of the Brewers acquiring Sabathia in what seems like months ago there hasn’t been many big trades to speak of overall. This has been the trend in recent years and unless something happens in the next day or so it will continue. That being said, I think the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim pulled off a stellar deal yesterday with the injury riddled Atlanta Braves. The Angels picked up Mark Teixeira for hot young prospect Casey Kotchman and minor league pitcher Stephen Marek.

Many people are criticizing this deal because Teixeira’s contract will expire at the end of the season and the Angles won’t be able to resign him in the offseason yet they gave up a huge prospect. I say, who cares if you win a World Series! The Angels are arguably the best team in baseball, but definitely have some power issues with their lineup until now. Teixeira was the best bat available and the Angels went out and got the deal done. The Angels are now head and shoulders above the rest of MLB.


  1. ballbuster says

    I can’t believe the Braves allowed this to go through. I know the season is long over, but they couldn’t get more for this guy’s bat than that? Unreal.

  2. Name the Angels 1B the last 5 seasons… exactly.. this is the piece they needed to win now. Signing TexMex for the future increases when they win. if not.. the Halos have the either 1st or 2nd best Minor league system in the game. With their style of ball where the bunt, run, take the extra base etc… if they dont sign him next year it is not a real major loss.

  3. quacktastic says

    Long live Wally Joyner

  4. el_tigre says

    The Angels will lose in the first round like they have conssitently done in recent years.

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