October 27, 2021

Tiger Woods Breaking News

Tiger Woods

The Golf Channel is reporting that Tiger Woods is done playing golf for the rest of this year. Tiger has decided to have season ending knee surgery just days after winning his 3rd U.S. Open. This means no Tiger in the British Open, PGA Championship, Fed Ex Cup and the Ryder Cup. Ouch! The PGA has to be terrified of what this will do to their TV ratings and sponshorships for upcoming tournaments without Tiger in the mix. It will be interesting to hear if this is 100% true and not a bad rumor, but I doubt the Golf Channel would break this news unless they felt it was air tight.


  1. Great. That means we get to look forward to a thrilling finish between Boo Weekley and DJ Trahan in a future tourney.

  2. The US is going to sorely miss Woods in the Ryder Cup. Let’s face it Mickelson always stinks it up during the event.

  3. In the Ryder Cup I like the USA’s chances.. now they dont have to rely on Tiger (and BTW he never really does much in team play anyhow) and can concentrate on real pairings that makes these guys have to step and and not be like the Lakers watching Kobe try and go off for 50 for them to win.

  4. Belinda Jackson says

    The best quote in the history of time goes to Tiger Woods…

    “It’s only pain.”
    US OPEN 2008 Champion

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