October 20, 2021

Possible New Trend That Could Hurt NCAA Basketball

Brandon Jennings

Brandon Jennings is a 6’2 point guard who recently graduated from basketball powerhouse Oak Hill Academy where he broke the school scoring record. If Jennings had his way he would be in the NBA Draft this coming Thursday if not for the infamous ‘one and done’ rule which was put in a place by the NBA a couple of years ago. The rule requires you must be 19 before July 1st each year to enter the draft. Obviously, Jennings is a highly sought recruit that the Arizona Wildcats is hoping and praying will come to their university to play ball, but Jennings is currently having issues scoring well on the SAT so he might not be able to get into Zona. Due to this issue Jennings has kicked around the idea of going to play overseas where not only could he play against solid competition, but he could also get paid. Brilliant! How come it has taken someone this long to figure out this solution rather than being forced to attend college when they don’t want to do so? If this trend begins to become popular, which I don’t see how it will not, then the NCAA will further suffer because these stars won’t even play for one year.


  1. This is all the NBA’s fault. They caused players to go to college that didn’t want to and so now they are just going to say screw the whole system.

  2. I love it.. The NBA caused this and wait till you see what happens now with these guys at 18 in a foreign land and the shenanigans they will get into.
    Bravo David Stern

  3. i couldn’t have said it better myself Bruins1

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