October 20, 2021

Langston Finishes Third

Orange County Speedway

Keith “Sippi” Langston started out third this past weekend at Orange County Speedway and ultimately finished the Pure Stock race in third. This was actually an amazing accomplishment considering he suffered serious damage to the front end of his car in the race. Sippi continues to do big things at OCS and we expect to see him as the points winner at the end of the season.



  1. Dude.. quit crashing the car..
    Keep it up there Sippy.. this is awesome!!

  2. I have seen Langston on the track and he is a maniac. It never surprises me when he wrecks.

  3. Thanks for all the support good and bad atleast your saying something. lol
    Toothy guess you havn’t seen too much this is the first fender damage all year.

  4. That’s what she said.

  5. In all the time I have known Sippi I have never heard of him getting into any fender benders on the track until this one.

  6. sippi – I have seen you race over the last couple of years and you are out of control to say the least. Everyone out at OCS knows that to be the case.

  7. dexineffex says

    Sippi may be an aggressive driver, but that’s how you win! No fender benders b/c that is coming right out of his own cash flow — he’s fast, aggressive, & wins!

    Toothy, sounds like u should go race the kiddy go-kart tracks or better yet, bumper boats.

  8. Sippi is a hack. Plain and simple.

  9. LMAO! This is great! Come on down Saturday Toothy I’ll sign your shirt,
    Maybe you need one of my hats……………Were going for the Win this weekend Boys………. SRY about the golf game T.D.

  10. toothy…show some balls and identify yourself…your claims have no merit if you hide behind a screen name.

  11. In all the time that I have know Sippi, the only thing that he EVER asks for is TIRES!!!!!!!!!! No Fenders, no quarter panels, not even body work….
    Guess you are one of the drunks at OCS Toothy that never actually remembers what he just saw.

    Keep on keepin on SIPP, I will be sportin’ my hat this weekend to support ya!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. LOL, what fun. I really don’t think many of you have actually watched him race. Not hiding behind a screen name it’s my nickname. I will be at the race this weekend and if you want some come get some.

  13. See you’re still a puss – come clean and identify yourself….Not only have I seen him race…I sponsored his car. So unless you can actually prove you know anything…SHUT IT!!!!

  14. Not to worry TD….Gummy’s just pissed cause SHE can’t back down the driveway without crashing into the mailbox.

    Rubbins racin’ boys!!!!!!!!!

  15. There ya are toothy….nice to see ya…

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