October 20, 2021

Dontrelle Dissed

Dontrelle Willis

Coming into this year Dontrelle Willis was a jewel in eyes of Tigers fans along with Miguel Cabrera who were both acquired in an offseason trade from the Florida Marlins. Detroit was hyped to be the the best team coming into ’08 and the front runners to win the World Series. Well, things haven’t worked out in Motown to say the least with the Tigers floundering ten games behind the White Sox in the AL Central and ten games under .500. Yesterday came the news that Willis was optioned to SINGLE A affiliate Lakeland. I know Willis had the worst ERA in the AL at 10.32, but what a slap in the face to send him down to SINGLE A! I guess the Tigers feel if this doesn’t wake him up then nothing will.


  1. Dontrelle is a hack and he will be lucky to ever win more than 10 games in a season. Tigers suck.

  2. He was done in Florida. Dontrelle hasn’t been good in at least three years!

  3. I drafted him in my fantasy league hoping for a miracle.. After 1 week I dropped him.. he is brutal and I hate to bring this up but when he was unhittable 2 years ago it would be interesting to know if ‘roids were involved.

  4. Very possible Bruins1.

  5. maybe when switching to pitching coaches David Duvall and Ian Baker Finch that may not have been the best of decisions.

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