October 27, 2021

College Basketball Underclassmen Coming Back

NBA Draft 2008

Today was the deadline for all playas to announce whether or not they were truly declaring for the NBA Draft or merely “testing the waters.” I applaud the list below for electing to return another year rather than getting drafted at some point in the second round (no guaranteed contract) or even worse not getting picked at all. Another year of college will do each of them a world of good. Carolina has to be stoked to stay the least to get all three gentlemen below back for another year along with formerly announced Mr. Everything Tyler Hansborough. You can bank on the fact UNC will be preseason #1 in all major college basketball polls.

* Wayne Ellington G North Carolina
* Ty Lawson PF North Carolina
* Danny Green F North Carolina
* A.J Abrams G Texas
* Robert Dozier F Memphis
* Robert Vaden G UAB
* Jeremy Pargo PG Gonzaga
* Ronald Steele G Alabama
* Chase Budinger G Arizona
* Lester Hudson G Tenn-Martin
* Josh Akognon G Cal State Fullerton


  1. I’m so excited I don’t know what to say baby!

  2. ballbuster says

    I disagree with you Stonecold. There is all upside by going pro when you consider what they can make. If there is a remote chance you go.

  3. This whole NBA Pre-Draft process is freeakin’ lunacy. how many kids were severly punished a few years back for even talking to anyone representing a Pro team. Finer players than these were forced out of scholl to play pro when they were not ready to just because the NCAA ran a Nazi regime. Now they are all nicey nicey with the NBA to allow these shenanigans to go on. Is NCAA hoops more exciting with these kids? yes.. but what is it doing to these scholls when they leave after 1 year or 2 tops? Head and Asst coaches lose their jobs, other peoples lives who work for the school lose their jobs because these kids are leaving the school high and dry..and I get that they are guarauteed jack, but look at the damage they leave behind either let them come out of high school or make them stay at least 2 years.

  4. Carolina may be preseason #1, but they won’t win it all. So much hype around these guys, but they play no defense.

  5. dexineffex says


    For those fence sitters and/or relo’s to the Triangle area — NOW is the time to stake your flag in the UNC camp — otherwise, you cannot buy a ticket on the bandwago once the team is mid-season 15-0 and looking like the Globetrotters.

    Man, it’s good to be in Blue Heaven! The Heels are throwing down & representing in Omaha and Roy & Co’s stock just shot through the roof.

    GO HEELS!!

    PS: Sorry State fans — this had to be a terrible day considering that you’re only player testing the waters is gone for sure while all 4 of ours came back to “enjoy the college experience”.

  6. i guess danny green figured he had a better chance to follow in michael flatley’s footsteps than in the nba. i mean, was he REALLY expecting to be a first rounder? dont even get me started on ellington. now, lawson i think should have stayed, as he will probably be darn good pro…much more so than the perpetually surprised one or the other wannabes that “tested the waters this year”. finally, as for the “college experience”, i really dont blame green or ellington for coming back, as you never wanna take a cut in pay when you change jobs. as for this state fan, im gonna enjoy watching our guy get drafted while your guys are having a ball back on campus….lets just remember not to drink and drive how bout it?

  7. ps….the bandwagon probably is already full, what with swofford, the acc refs, and dickie v’s loud ass mouth already on board. see, it’s that shitty carolina arrogance that makes me fucking loath the whole bunch, and yep, i was RAISED a carolina fan

  8. dexineffex says

    Kgar –
    Lawson probably should’ve stayed as he’ll be a nice back up PG in the pros — I was shocked to say the least.

    Now, regarding the 2nd comment – it’s not “shitty carolina arrogance”, I would call it exhuberance, confidence, history & rivalry — the comment was meant to rile the wolfpack fans and it apparently worked. You guys had it good with Herbie, maybe Les Robinson should come down from the seats and onto the sidelines.

  9. careful kgar, dont wanna upset the carowhina guys. you know, he probably has a hotline to butchy davis’ office, and can have the football team members pay you a visit. with rap sheets like they have, youd be in a mess of trouble. unless of course, you get the poor widdle guy who was “sexually assaulted” by the two 350 lb lovely ladies recently.

    and yeah, by the way, those of us NOT “relo”-ing to the area, and have had to put up with all the carolina bullshit for years, it IS considered arrogant. but thats fine, karma, just like payback, is a bitch. so have fun this year

  10. kgar2121 says

    Like I said, I was raised a unc fan. Family had season tickets, and spent many wonderful days in chapel hill. You can verify with stonecold if youd like. But as the years go by, I have developed a SERIOUS distaste for about 80% of their fans. The whole “our shit doesn’t stink” kind of pompous arrogance is a lot more than most of the non-pale blue crowd can take. Has carolina won some NCAA tournaments? Yep. Big fucking deal, so have a lot of other schools, including NC State. Now don’t take this as sour grapes, because I’ll be the first to admit we’ve had some downright shitty seasons over the past 10-15 years. But the simple fact that I find myself cheering for a blue devil team with the likes of coack k, chrissy collins and that midget wojo to beat carolina like a red headed stepchild makes my skin crawl….but I do anyway, just to shut the pale blue fuckers up for a while

  11. I guess we are forgetting that UCLA has 3 starters back as well as 2 solid bench guys and the #1 recruiting class.. Sooo.. punch your chests for now and I hope to dsee you at the Final Four.

    Also.. that comment on Danny Green being Michael Flatley was a gem.

  12. dexineffex says

    Kgar & Wulfie –

    Ironically, I grew up a State fan. You can verify with Stonecold as well, if ya like ;-). Uncle had season tx to Carter Finley & Reynolds and I was die hard Fire & Ice baby! Went to school in Chapel Thrill and obviously converted. I still pull for state — in fact, had floor seats in Cameron this year while State was thumping dat ass in the first half — plus I wore wolfpack colors in hostile territory…unfortunately, State pulled a typical collapse in the 2nd half and looked absolutely lost out there….guess i like to pull for underdog at times.

    Yeah, alot of fans are carolina fans can come across arrogant but rightfully so; we have alot of success across a ton of D-1 sports (football is an exception EXCEPT when going to head-to-head vs State of course!). I hope my fellow unc fans talk some smack and throw down the gauntlet — that’s what make college sports so much fun. I know you state fans want to talk smack but the on-the-field performance doesn’t back you up so your team leaves you hanging and you start pouring haterade on other fans who hoot & holler when their teams are rollin.

    What do you call and NC State athlete with a Championship ring?

    -A thief

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