October 27, 2021

Justin Henin Outtie 5000 G

Justine Henin

At the ripe old age of 25 Justine Henin is retiring from professional tennis. Henin won two grand slams last year and was #1 in the world upon her announcement today. Also, Justine announced her decision at a news conference roughly two weeks before the start of the French Open, where she has won the past three titles and four overall. It’s really interesting for an athlete to retire so young, but in tennis she is defitely a veteran and the skills go fast.


  1. My chest is bigger than his….errr….hers!

  2. I’d hit it.

  3. for years I tried and tried to find her somewhat attractive. I gave up in 2005. I think she is a little whiner and quitting because she lost a few tournys? So whos next Federer? Whaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. She is giving in due to a bad start to this year. I’m sure in a year or so she will make a ‘comeback’.

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