October 20, 2021

Barkley is Done Gambling???

Charles Barkley

I’m sure a lot of you heard about The Wynn casino in Vegas going after Charles Barkley last week for a 400,000 marker they loaned him many months ago. If not the Wynn went very public with their intentions to collect their money and this enraged Barkley to say the least. Barkley said this was all a misunderstanding and quickly paid the debt. It is well known that Barkley is a huge gambler and he has even admitted to losing over $10 million over the years. Well, it seems this latest incident has made a huge impact on his life because Barkley announced tonight on his TNT show that he is done with gambling. He apologized to friends, family, etc for this latest incident and is committed to quit gambling. I am a huge Barkley fan and I have met and hung out with him person so I wish him the best because it is extremely hard to stop something you have been doing for so many years!


  1. frankbruno says

    He doesn’t last six months. Love the guy, but gambling is in his blood.

  2. I like the fact he has taken responsibility.. as he always does.. But just from experience on matters of kicking habits.. He needs a support system and I hope he sees that doing this with others who are in his situation is better than trying to do it for himself..

  3. Barkley didn’t do this on his own accord. He was forced by TNT to make this statement or else his analysis and insight could seem slanted towards his gambling ways. I can’t believe you don’t see this as anything other than a PR move.

  4. Seems Barkley hasn’t paid his debt yet – http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/news/story?id=3405045.

  5. Of course TNT made him do this.. but he didnt have to take the responsibility of blaming himself.. he could have blamed it on others. AND coming from experience with owing $$ to casinos.. The casino will humiliate him even after he paid. That is just in their nature to insure that others do not skip. So take the latest blip with a grain of salt.

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