October 27, 2021

Tyler Hansbrough Staying Put

Tyler Hansbrough

News out of Chapel Hill today states the AP Player of the Year Tyler Hansbrough will return for his senior season with the UNC Tarheels. I give two thumbs up to Tyler for returning when he is without a doubt a guaranteed lottery pick and his stock is probably as high as it will ever be as a collge player.

On another note, Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington have both made themselves available for the draft, but haven’t hired agents. Lawson is close to being ready for the next level, but Wayne Ellington is so far away it’s scary. The only thing I can say is I’m glad you went the non-agent route.


  1. willthethrill says

    Of course he stayed. He will be nothing when he goes pro.

  2. everytime I get to a point where I think this guy is a mo-ron I get faced with the fact he is a smart kid and I would want him on my team any day. Maybe thats why I cant stand him. He is the real deal.

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