October 20, 2021

Roger Dodger

Roger Clemens

Things have been very quiet recently around the Clemens camp, but today comes SHOCKING news. Roger Clemens supposedly had a decade long affair with country western singer Mindy McCready which dates back to when McCready was 15 years old. Yes, FIFTEEN years old. Now these are currently only allegations, but if confirmed true this blows away the steroids episode associated with the Rocket. In all reality, his career is already tarnished forever, but now his character comes into question. It’s one thing to have an affair, but it is something totally different to take that step with a 15 year old girl. Sit tight because this could get interesting.


  1. this is a beauty pic!

    Roger will be the one getting it from behind if this kinda stuff keeps getting circulated out of his closet.

  2. I loved the pic too Bruins1. You totally got what I was trying to say.

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