August 9, 2022

Is Roy a Softy for Kansas??

Roy Williams wearing Kansas sticker

Did anyone see Roy Williams wearing a frickin Kansas sticker on his sweater last night at the National Championship game? Excuse me if you feel I’m off base, but when you are the head coach for a university all your focus and support should revolve around that team and that team only. I understand he was the coach for Kansas previously and had a very hard time leaving the Jayhawks, but he did leave. If you were retired Roy I would give you a pass, but you were playing against this Kansas team just two nights before and if I was a Carolina fan (and I’m not) I would be PISSED at you for giving them props two days later. This is just my opinion and if you disagree with me I would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. dexineffex says

    Stonecold –

    I can speak as an avid Carolina fan. When I first saw the shirt, I was thinking “WTF?!!?”. Then after I thought about it, no big deal really. If UNC had lost to Memphis in Final 4 and not Kansas, it would not be as big of a deal.

    He was there as a FAN. Not a coach. I respect Roy for picking a team to win a game, unlike the Bird-Hunting, Chair-tossing ESPN expert who refuses to make a pick —- his picks are listed as N/A. Come on Bobby, be a man and predict a winner!

    I can remember going to see NC State play Dook in Cameron this year and me wearing a red polo shirt and raising hell for the Wolfpack. I’m a UNC guy, but picked one of my rivals to cheer for.

    Sure, Roy is still getting showered by buckets of haterade for leaving Kansas (by Jayhawk fans) — then when he says “hey, I still got love ya…rock chalk jayhawk”, he’s getting it from everyone else for wearing the shirt.

    It’s a moot point in my book. If I see him struttin around Franklin St in the summer wearing KU gear, then I’ll most definitely change my opinion.

  2. this is an absolute stupid move. Did you see when he tried to cover it up with a sport coat during his halftime interview with Greg Gumble?

    It is like if John Wooden would wear a USC Trojan shirt or Coah K wearing a Tarheel cap.. this is outragous!!! So Bobby Knight would be wearing an Indiana sweater if they were playing?

    I said WTF then and am saying it now.. WTF was he thinking? Do you think Psycho T was wearing a Jayhawk shirt yesterday? Was KLove wearing a Memphis cap?

    Adolph Rupp and Hank Iba are rolling over in their graves…

    .. and one more thing.. Mr Emotional Roy who tears up almost as much as Dick “I love these guys” Vermeil needs to get a mean streak in him.. his teams would fair much better if he didnt give a sh%& about the other team especially Kansas..His emotional roller coaster got to the team and they played soft.

  3. ballbuster says

    He is a spineless sellout!

  4. dexineffex says

    WHOA! Such harsh remarks Bruins1. I’m not even responding to the senseless ballbuster comment.

    Your comparisons were far from realistic or fair Bruins1. When did Coach K have any substantial affiliation with UNC? Wooden with USC? And the other names you just randomly tossed out?

    You’re telling me if Ben Howland was sitting in the stands watching Pitt play for a national championship versus any team other than UCLA, he is NOT going to pull for the Panthers?? Bobby Knight won’t even pick a team to win a game, so I doubt he’d ever pick IU to win.

    Roy should be getting hammered for his team’s performance versus KU, not who he decided to cheer for as a sports fan during the championship. Yes, I agree he needs to get more consistent fire on the sidelines — his response to the 40-12 whitewashing we took in the first 13 minutes was pathetic….he was as stunned as the rest of the team, but it is the coaches job to wake up the team and he didn’t. That was disappointing.

    Dudes, we’re in the USA. How can a man’s decision to pull for one team over the other get such ridicule? He coached there for more than 10 years, took them to several Final 4s, raised his family there. Why can’t he pull for that team when HIS Tar Heels aren’t playing?

    Would Bill Parcells not pull for the Giants versus the Redskins? Would Lou Holtz not pull for the Fighting Irish? Would Mike Holmgren not pull from Brett Farve’s Packers? Can Michael Jordan not pull for the Bulls?

  5. It looks like he has a Jayhawk in his ass in that picture.

  6. NO f’n way Howland wheres a Panther shirt. No F’n way.