October 24, 2021

Year of the Tiger

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods today in stunning fashion won his fifth straight PGA title and 7th overall. Tiger was down seven strokes coming into play Saturday, but that is a walk in the park for the 800 pound gorilla that is Tiger Woods. Tiger came into Sunday tied and won the Bay Hill Invitiational on the 18th hole by calmly sinking a 25 foot birdie putt. If you aren’t watching the PGA yet this year I highly suggest you begin now because Tiger is making history each and every tournament he plays.


  1. while watching the golf event, switching back to the Lakers v Houston game and counting down the minutes till Selection Sunday it was apparent that Tiger wanted to see the seedings as much as everyone. With just 11 minutes to spare Tiger cooly knocked in a nice 25 foot left to right breaking downhill putt to insure that we all had time to go to the bathroom, grab a drink and watch the selections.

    Thank you Tiger for thinking about the common man on his Xmas come early day.

  2. No other professionals today could hit that 25 foot putt under that pressure!

  3. ballbuster says

    Say what you will, but El Tigre will choke in at least one of the Majors this year. This pace can’t keep up.

  4. True, he probably will choke in at least one Major and end up in 2nd 🙂

  5. No joke Ryno…what a dumb thing to say!

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