October 24, 2021

StonecoldJZ’s Sound Off

StonecoldJZ's Sound Off

* Big Ben just hit the mother load with an eight year deal worth $102 million. Roethlisberger joins Peytong Manning, Brett Favre, Carson Palmer, Donovan McNabb and the suspended Vick in the $100 million club for signal callers. Many people are questioning whether the Steelers should extend the wealthiest contract in franchise history, but I personally think Ben deserves every dime. Lets just hope there was a provision in the contract for staying away from motorcycles. 😉

* The Houston Rockets won their 15th game in a row matching a franchise record. That is all well and good, but now that Yao is out of the season the Rockets will be lucky to make it to the playoffs. Remember this statement!

* Michael “The Burner” Turner has signed a lucrative deal with the Atlanta Falcons and should be the starting running back in ’08 for Hotlanta. Turner has been mired behind Tomlinson for years in San Diego and I fully expect a huge season this coming year. Nice work by the Falcons especially after so many dumb moves in recent months. On a side note Warrick Dunn immediately asked for a release due to this acquisition.

* Kobe dropped 52 yesterday in a win over the Dallas Mavericks. The Lakers only lost TWO games in all of February and are a legitimate threat to win it all this year.

* Ernie Els won the Honda Classic yesterday ending a four-year winless drought. Whoopty do! Els is no longer a top player in the game and is not competition for Tiger Woods.


  1. ballbuster says

    Two things I totally disagree with StonecoldJZ. The Rockets will make the playoffs and will do well because Yao actually held them down.

    Els is still a legitimate competitor and this win will help his confidence.

  2. Did Ernie really win or did the rest of the PGA “B” tour choke?

    Also if Kobe’s finger was healthy he would have had 70.

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