October 20, 2021

Rockets Revolution

Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets have now won 19 games in a row after a blowout win last night against the hapless Nets. There has only been three other teams to win this many in the row and each one has gone on to win the NBA Finals. If the Rockets beat the Atlanta Hawks tomorrow evening they will tie the 70-71 Bucks for the second most wins ever with 20 wins. The most amazing part of this streak is the Rockets no longer have Yao Ming yet they are still en fuego. A couple of weeks ago I remarked this team wouldn’t make the playoffs which currently makes me look like a buffoon. We shall see!



  1. now if I was Desinex this entry would read:

    if they had Lawson they would win 30 straight and the Bruins suck cus they won with help from a bad call.

  2. dexineffex says

    RuinsFun — Huh?

  3. dude, weve ALL seen you look like a buffoon before, dont start sweatin’ it now! ehhhh, im just messin’ with ya


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