October 20, 2021

Paulus Likes “Green Tea”

Check out this video clip of Danny Green dunking all over Greg Paulus last night in a 76-68 Tarheel win at Cameron Indoor.


  1. ballbuster says

    LOL. That is a teabag special!!

  2. flyin_high says

    That is Awesome baby with a capital A!

  3. dexineffex says

    Paulus almost got another black eye on that play.

    Classic!! Go Heels.

    PS: UCLA got lucky yet again with another phantom call by the Bill-Walton REEFERees. Back2Back games with bogus calls to secure a #1 seed — UCLA will be lucky to make sweet 16.

  4. The refs really blew that one. It’s very evident Paulus had position and that was a charge.

  5. The game sucked and Danny Green looks just like washed up Jason Capel.

  6. dexineffex says

    SU readers:
    Looking back on a post from October 2007, some of us predicted college bball pre-season Top 5 teams. Now that the regular season is over, the top 5 are:

    1. UNC
    2. Memphis
    3. UCLA
    4. Kansas
    5. Tennessee

    Click below for those pre-season predictions!! Hmmmm….what are the payouts for getting all 5 right?


  7. If only Louisville would have been healthy all year dexineffex then I would have been right there with you. Well done though my friend.

  8. Bogus calls are a misnomer. the refereeing in all the conferences are brutal when it comes down to crunch time. Should I blow the whistle.. should I swallow it?.. Bottom line is throughout the year every team gets calls especially Lo’real or makeup calls. Since you did not stay up to 1:30AM to watch the StanfordvUCLA game you missed that the Bruins got hosed throughout the game and with 7 seconds left Stanford got the lead while comitting a charge that the ref swallowed the whistle. Do you think Collison got bailed out? maybe. But nobody remembers the play at the other end. Also you try and make the call on Shipps shot against Cal. The ref was doing his job by looking at the baseline and the bodies. Too close to call but the bottom line is that he made the dam thing and it DID count. I have seen the Bar-Heels get many, many a call so pa-leeeeze..

  9. dexineffex says

    The bad calls I was referring to were:

    1) The blocked shot on Collison (even Stevie Wonder could’ve called that one b/c of the booming thud of flesh to leather)

    2) The double team hatchett job your boys put on the Cal player, that then allowed the over the backboard shot. They were mauling the poor kid on the sidelines and refs call it out of bounds off the Cal players leg??!!?

    When ESPN & every other sports outlet/radio show is highlighting both games being influenced by suspect calls …. it can’t be that overly biased.

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