October 20, 2021

March Madness Weekend #1 Wrap Up

March Madness 2008

The first full weekend of the NCAA basketball tournament is in the books and it wasn’t without its share of upsets and exciting finishes. The upsets of the first round included #12 Villanova beating #5 Clemson, #13 San Diego defeating #4 UConn in overtime, #13 Siena upending #4 Vanderbilt, #11 Kansas St. tamed #6 USC, and #10 Davidson subdued #7 Gonzaga. I think without a doubt the most exciting finish of the first round was #12 Western Kentucky hitting a last second 26-foot three pointer in overtime to beat #5 Drake 101-99.

The second round had its share of Cinderella stories advancing to the Sweet Sixteen with #12 Villanova defeating #13 Siena, #12 Western Kentucky beating #13 San Diego and #10 Davidson out gunning #2 Georgetown. I think the NCAA tournament is always better when we have these sort of teams making it to the second weekend and who knows one of these teams might be the next George Mason.

Right now North Carolina by far looks like the team to beat after the first two games so it will be interesting to see if some of the other high seeded teams step up to the challenge in the coming games.


  1. A haiku for Dukie V…

    Poor Dukie Vitale
    Who will he be jocking now?
    Two words – Psycho T

  2. I like it MadMax…I like it!


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