November 28, 2021

Jose Canseco is Back

Jose Canseco

The man we love to hate is going to be back on the scene in the coming weeks due to his latest book hitting stores on April 1st. Vindicated: Big Names, Big Liars, and the Battle to Save Baseball is the name of his new book and it promises to have more accusations that will raise eyebrows and make players sweat. Two of the new names Jose unveils as steroid users are Magglio Ordonez and Alex Rodriguez. There was a ton of people who didn’t believe Jose after his first book and almost all the names rang true so do you believe his latest bombshells?


  1. what a buffoon. he was an a$$ when he played and he is a bigger a$$ now. all for the price of admission. One of the MLBs biggest disappointments and now he has the juevos to bring others down to pay for his Porsche.

  2. I bet Canseco is 100% right with these two accusations.

  3. he may be… but keep it to yourself as a man rule for gosh sakes.

  4. ballbuster says

    Come on Bruins1. We all know Jose isn’t a real man.

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