October 24, 2021

Brett Favre Retiring

Brett Favre retiring

Brett Favre told his coach Mike McCarthy that he is done with professional football. I truly thought Favre had at least two years left in him, but today comes news telling us otherwise. Could it be that once Moss signed with the New England Patriots it allowed Favre to make his decision? Today is the end of an era in the NFL and for the Green Bay Packers!


  1. there will be a lot of Blue cheese tears being shed today.
    OK Black and Blue division D linemen get ready for Aaron Rogers.

  2. Told you so!!!!!!

  3. Rodgers will have his hands full with the new role Bruins1 that’s for sure.

    Not sure you told me Gresh, but thanks for the comment.

  4. Lunch?…Oh’Mullies?…..”No way he is going to retire”….how selectively we forget…..but thanks for your reply back

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