October 24, 2021

Kadour Ziani Gets Up to Get Down

This post is about the best dunker I have ever seen. Kadour Ziani is part of a group called Slam Nation who perform acrobatic dunks for crowds across the world. Ziani has stupid hops that are unmatched at 60 inches. He is the only person ever to perform a double windmill dunk and he can also bring down a 360 over 4 or more people standing 6 feet tall and over. Check out this three minute video clip of some of his all-time best dunks.


  1. ballbuster says


  2. Stonecold- I’ve seen you pull some of those off!


  1. […] Kadour Ziani is a member of the group Slam Nation that tours the world showing off their amazing dunking skills which are impressive to say the least. After watching the video below we have another dunking indvidual and group we would like to recognize. Check out this video of Guy Dupuy of Team Flight Brothers performing an off-the-bounce, over someone standing, between the legs dunk! […]

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