October 24, 2021

Clemens vs McNamee The Final Chapter?

Roger Clemens

Tomorrow brings a Congressional hearing that now revolves around these two delinquents when it was supposed to be more of a follow up to the Mitchell Report as a whole. The media circus that now engulfs Brian “Syringe Stockpiler” McNamee against Roger “I eat steroids for breakfast” Clemens will come to a climax in the morning. Chuck Knoblauch nor Andy Pettite and even Kirk “American Steroids Gangster” will be attending this hearing after previously being scheduled so that only leaves Clemens and McNamee. I truly hope something comes out of the hearing, but I think there is actually a better chance of peace in the Middle East in the near future rather than finalization of this fiasco. The thing that frustrates me the most is that Clemens is the one lying, but can his lobbying and conniving pull through?


  1. Nice six pack Mrs Clemens

  2. You too can have that ballbuster with only one syringe of HGH for 19.99

  3. I have the syringe to prove she did HGH in an old Pabst Blue Ribbon can in my basement.

  4. I like the PBR reference Bruins1.

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