October 27, 2021

Chris Berman is a Douchebag

Check this video clip of Chris Berman losing his marbles over people moving around close to the camera. I have to admit this is about as childish as you can be when you are an “adult”.


  1. ballbuster says

    WAHHHH! I need my passie. F’in scrote.

  2. Funny ballbuster. Thanks for the comment!

  3. I hate to see stuff like this…use to like him…now not so much.

  4. Man, you’ve gotta be kidding me. Someone pissed in his corn flakes I guess….And yes JV- what a Douche bag!

  5. I feel the exact same way Tommy D.

    I think they might have took a dump in his corn flakes too Ryno.

    Thanks for the comments guys.

  6. Hair plugs are probably too tight.

    It’s a shame he had to go and lose his mind. Berman was one of the main reasons I started watching SC.

  7. when I was at the 1987 All Star Game in Oakland we went to the Bermuda Triangle in San Francisco after the game. The Triangle is an area of bars and pubs.. the story begins at the Golden gate Bar and Grill where me, my brother and cousin and friend were having a few late night libations and in walks Chris Berman. Again this is 1987 and ESPN really had not hit their stride yet so while my brother, a bit inhibriated at this point, kept screaming out.. “hey Chris.. Burt beHome Blyeleven” or tossing out a “Tom Cotton Candiotti” or a “Von purple Hayes” reference.
    Anyways.. Berman was starting to get a little pissed as he just wanted to hang out with a hottie and a couple friends… he kept turning around and telling my brother that that was enuf etc… We are getting ready to leave at this point and so was he so he asked for the check.. he gave the waitress his Amex and to his chagrin.. it didnt work..
    Well…that only gave my brother added incentive and when my brother started in with the “you cant even pay for your Frank Tanana daquori”
    Berman got his bill paid by his friends and walked out with a nice “Fu&% You” to us and that is my Chris Berman story.

  8. OMG…I am in tears right now Bruins1!!!!!!!

  9. Chris “Everett” Berman needs a reality check! WOW! I wonder if this was a commercial break and he came back on air all happy go lucky, nick-naming every player to set foot on the field.

    Geesh – I’ve always like CB but as Tommy D said, not so much anymore — everytime I see him now I think of this rant. JACKASS!

  10. ya know as I look at this a second time I do feel his pain. he at least apologized mid-rant but hey everyone is entitled to blow up know and then. It was like a daily event for me when I used to work for this web company in Raleigh and everyday i fealt like doing this exact same thing. I am sure some of you on this board can relate.

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