October 27, 2021

StonecoldJZ’s Sound Off

StonecoldJZ's Sound Off

* Andrew Bynum is out eight weeks after temporarily dislocating his kneecap yesterday in a 100-99 win over Memphis. The Lakers are currently 4th in the Western Conference, but with this loss you can count on LA being no better than 7th by the time the young kid returns. His DRAMATIC improvement this year is the main factor behind the Lakers improvement and Ronny Turiaf and Vladimir Radmanovic can’t cut the mustard in trying fill his shoes.

* Not only is Darren McFadden leaving Arkansas early for the NFL, but now comes word that junior tailback Felix Jones will also be going pro. That is over 230 yards rushing per game gone from the Hogs as they go into next season. Welcome Bobby Petrino! Thinking about moving on to another team already???

* The Bolts worked the Colts yesterday in Indy. The Chargers were able to orchestrate the huge upset without hardly any reps from Antonio Gates, a mere 28 yards from an injured LT, and without Philip Rivers for the final few minutes of the game. Players with names like Billy Volek, Legedu Naanee, Darren Sproles and Vincent Jackson were the real keys to the victory. I highly suggest there isn’t much celebrating after the victory against the defending SuperBowl champs because New England is waiting in the wings this coming weekend.


  1. loosing Bynum wouldn’t be so bad if Chris Mihm was healthy because Kwamie absolutely sucks. Vlad is hurt too and he wont be an issue.. so Turiaf has to play better and Lamar needs to pull his head out of his anal cavity and start ballin’ or just let Kobe score 50 every game… I bet you see a lot of the latter as the Lake Show goes on a 9 game 14 day east coast swing starting Feb 1.

    As far as my San Diego Super Chargers.. Indy was right for the pickin’. Without a health Harrison they could not stretch the D and Michael Turner made himself known to the rest of the NFL in case someone needed a running back who has experience and isnt knicked up. Look for the Pats to crush SD. I just cant see going into that game without a healthy LT, Rivers or Gates and expect to win. This might be the blowout much like week 2.

    Oh .. and McFadden will be one of those guys in trouble all the time in the NFL and he will be a BUST! He is not great he is OK for this class of prospects. I see 2 linemen going ahead of him in the draft and if he was so special of a player the contoversy would be swirling on who would be the #1 pick. He wont be and he will be a huge BUST!

  2. Great comments DB. You make solid points except I McFadden is a little better than OK. He is definitely trouble, but he is the best running back coming out of college and running backs play right away. Dorsey, Chris Long and Jake Long will more than likely be the only people drafted in front of him overall.

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