October 19, 2021

NBA Ridiculous Salary of the Week

I think we all know that NBA players get paid very very well, but SportsUnderground.com would like to shed some light on how well. The first one we would like to unveil is as absurd as it gets in our mind.

Theo Ratliff

***Theo Ratliff of the Minnesota Timberwolves***
$11,666,666 smackeroonies a year

34 years old
Timberwolves have a 4-28 record
Ratliff has played in 6 games this year
8.2 ppg and 4.5 rpg


  1. the WTF Awards:

    Stephon Marbury $19,195,312
    Sam Cassell $15,344,000
    Kenyon Martin $13,000,000
    Wally Szczerbiak $12,000,000
    Raef LaFrentz $11,813,750
    Peja Stojakovic $11,664,000
    Kirk Hinrich $11,000,000
    Chris Webber is owed $15,856,251 by the Philadelphia 76ers.

    The New York Knicks will pay $19,790,373 while being over the league’s $67.865 million luxury-tax threshold


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