November 28, 2021

National Ballers Association Ridiculous Salary of the Week

This week’s entrant might be the most comical yet in our ongoing series about inflated salaries in the NBA. He is on the second worst team currently in the NBA and has only played in 26 of the 40 games so far this year for Miami.

Mark Blount

***Mark Blount***
$7,901,040 clams a year

32 years old
8-32 record this year
26 games played
5.6 ppg 2.6 rpg


  1. I didn’t even know this bum was still in da league. How can you get paid so much yet play so little for a horrendous squad?

  2. I think Pat Riley and the rest of Heat management were smokin’ blunts when they decided to sign this stiff.

    Maybe Riley can trademark this saying too..” I am a dumbass for signing Mark Blount”

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