October 20, 2021

College Football Bet of the Day

Oklahoma covers -7 against West Virginia in Fiesta Bowl

Overall Record:

NFL 61-31-3
College Football: 42-39-1
College Basketball 71-52-5
NBA 10-5
MLB 7-1


  1. I gotta say.. the bowl season this year was nuthin’ to write home about. Boring…
    really not a whole lot to look at when there is nothing on the line. Even in past years there was always something to get you jacked up to watch.. But Georgia v Hawaii and SC v Illiinois? Virgina v Texas tech? that was an OK game but who cares? how bout the most screwed team.. Mizzou.. they beat the heck outta the Razorbacks.. boring I say .. I was more into the 36 hours of Law and Order and the Rose Parade reruns.

    Lets get a playoff going cus this is killing my holiday.

  2. The playoff doesn’t have a chance until at least 2011/12. I would really hate to see you not enjoy that many more holidays Bruins1.

    P.S. Mizzou got really screwed!

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