October 24, 2021

C-Webb Is Coming Back

Chris Webber

Chris Webber joined the Pistons last year as a free agent expecting to win a World Championship in hometown of Detroit. In reality fairy tales rarely happen thus Detroit was upset in six games by King James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Now Webber seems to be chasing another dream after word comes out he plans to play for the Golden State Warriors for whom he played with during his rookie season. The odd thing is Webber utilized a one-year escape clause to get away from head coach Don Nelson after his rookie season yet now he is accepting an invitation from Nelson and Chris Mullin to play for the Warriors. If this isn’t an odd situation all the way around then I don’t know what is anymore. I think Webber can definitely provide a spark to the Warriors, but don’t look for anything better than a second round appearance in the Western Conference playoffs.


  1. Over-Rated!!!!!

  2. Waaay over-rated. I don’t like this move by the Warriors. They an exciting, fast-paced team and BD is THE SHOW all by himself. C-Webb is bound to slow this team’s roll when he’s in the game. I know he’ll contribute some and I loved Mr. Timeout when he was in his prime, but he aged so quickly — I think Luke Longley could out juke him today!

  3. ROFL – Luc Longley.

  4. if they are bringing Centers back from the 90’s I am sure Tree Rollins, Stacy King or Chuck Nevitt need to be in the discussion

  5. Maybe Bill Wennington, Joe Kleine or Rik Smits too.

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