October 24, 2021

This Beer is for You NFL

Roger Goodell

The NFL announced today that the Patriots versus the Giants on Saturday night will be simulcast on NBC and CBS in conjunction with the NFL Network! The game was originally slated for the NFL Network only which doesn’t have as many viewers as ‘Leave it to Beaver’ on Nick at Nite. The NFL Network is in ongoing battles with cable companies demanding the station becomes part of regular cable which would in turn cost the consumers more money. This however is a generous move by Goodell and the NFL and one that is very much appreciated.


  1. So what does the NFL do? They let more than 2 stations air this game. Unreal.. this doesnt count as a win.. this is a mere stop gap. What about next season?

  2. Want a sedative Bruins1? They let another channel air possible history outside of the NFL Network. There is literally 9 months until we have to worry about these things again. Half glass full my man…half glass full!

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