October 20, 2021

Shout Out Mario Williams

3 1/2 sacks last night against the Broncos. Very nice!

Mario Williams


  1. never thought I would ever say this .. but Houston may have made the right decision. Unless Reggie Bush can run between the tackles he will not have the career we all thought was “Cant Miss”. As you noticed when Duece went down the running game did not open up and Brees did not have the year close to what he had last year. An inside, outside run game was effective and Reggie can not.. at this point do both.
    Kudos Mario!

  2. I’m in shock due to the words I just read!

  3. It is the season for giving isnt it? props are something I dont give freely but Mario worked hard in the off season and has become the player his draft status awards. He has no choice really.. he has to get better because he will be that Sam Bowie pick if he doesnt.

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