October 19, 2021

Personal Foul Florida State

Football referee

Twenty or so Semihole football players were caught cheating on an internet test so they won’t be able to play in the Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl game or the first three games of next season. It’s always nice to know that at least 20 football players were taking the same internet course at FSU. I am taking a guess the course was underwater fire safety???


  1. This info would have been better to receive a few days ago .. like before I sent in my Bowl pix..

    This is just another side of FSU which shows Bobby needs to leave. Out of freaking control.

    Also wouldn’t it a hoot if Jimbo took the WestVa job and left Bobby’s kid twisting in the wind? Especially now that Jimbo is the heir apparant. Ouch.. That would be worse than Petrino, Saban etc…

    And speaking of West Va.. what is that school the training ground for Michigan coaches? WTF? First Belien and Now Rodriguez? Look for Huggins to coach both Hoops and FBall.

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