October 20, 2021

Michael Vick Done as NFL Quarterback

Michael Vick sentenced

The sentencing came down today for Michael Vick and the formidable Judge Henry Hudson sentenced Vick to 23 months in federal prison. This is five months longer than most experts predicted Vick would receive, but I think the fact he failed a drug test and the Judge is very stern led to the longer stay in the pen. Even if Vick gets off for good behavior I find it highly unlikely ‘Ron Mexico’ would be playing again in the NFL before the 2010 season. Let’s say all the cards fell right and Vick was allowed back in the NFL in ’09 that still puts him over two years away from the game. Two years is entirely too long for a quarterback to be away from the NFL and still be successful in my opinion. Yes he is a tremendous athlete, but the game will have passed him by in respect to knowledge and skills so do not plan to see Vick ever again as a full-time quarterback. Could he play as a third down back or a slot receiver? That will be his only possibility and even then does a NFL franchise want the distraction Vick will bring if he returns. All in all this really is a shame, but Michael made this bed and now Michael must sleep in it.


  1. You are absolutely right! His career is toast.

  2. buh bye Mikee.. Once a thug always a thug. this is the same guy who kept giving his brother Marcus advice everytime he got in a scrape.

    Also look for Pro teams whether NBA, NFL, MLB etc.. to look at patterns more closely. If there is a player who gets into trouble once maybe, just maybe it was being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but a scond time it is time to reflect back on people like Mike Vick, PacMan, and the lot of them. it is one thing to draft an exceptional athlete it is another to draft and invest major jack in their issues and team shredding behavior long term. This is a guy who was just given $100 M and he couldnt stay clean. Now a little mary jane isnt a huge issue these days, but look what happened to Ricky over a little spleef. he was at the zenith of what his career was going to be.

    I do believe these mo-rons think they are invincible and they are made of teflon, but as history is starting to show.. they are are starting to be scutinized even more once they hit a payday. yes.. contrary to popular belief the fans own them when they make $$ on ever surging ticket prices and the gear we buy so yes we have a right to judge.

    Again another one bites the dust when all he had to do was admit what he had done and his career could have been salvaged.


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