October 27, 2021

Lying Les?

Les Miles to Michigan

Roughly two weeks ago we predicted Les Miles to Michigan as their head coach and Bo Pelini to Nebraska. We were correct about Bo, but it seemed after a press conference by Miles called hours before the SEC Championship along with signing a contract extension with LSU that ole Les would remain as the head coach of LSU. This morning comes a news report from the Detroit Free Press that Miles spoke to Michigan this past weekend which seems quite Sabanesque. Don’t count Miles out quite yet to be in the maize and blue next year!


  1. We all knew this was going to happen. When Michigan basically used Schiano as a smoke screen this was the next best. It is 80-20 he goes to Michigan. The 20% is if he loses the title game.

  2. We all didn’t know this was going to happen. Some of us try to take a person at face value.

  3. yeah and Barry and Palmiero didnt take steroids, Mike didnt kill dogs, Saban was staying in Miami, Marion Jones, ben Joghnson, Whats his name who won the Tour de France. I can go on and on…. Values in sports is an oddity these days.. sad, but reality ballbuster

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