November 28, 2021

Don’t Believe the Hype

Les Miles

Les Miles is still going to Michigan despite what has been said today. The quote un quote breaking news of today that he is staying in Baton Rouge is complete BS. This news is merely a ploy to keep the LSU team on task today.


  1. Stonecold.. if he changes his …er.. decides to go to Mich his respectablility is done. But then again.. what is a guy to do? You can not win in this situation. I dont think he goes to Mich and Mich looks at guys like Tedford, but his team quit on him this year, Mariucci, Dennis Green.. yes.. ‘They are who we thought they were” that Dennis Green, or Bud Wilkinson.


    I know, I know, Tebow broke SEC records. McFadden is a man among boys & will be a NFL stud.

    But let’s compare Tebow & Brennan in stats:

    Tebow: 3132 passing yards 29TDs 68% comp
    838 rushing yards 22TDs
    4,000 total yards 51 TDs
    Team Record: 9-3

    Colt: 4,174 passing yards 38TDs 71% comp
    65 rushing yards 8 TDs
    4,200 total yeards 46 TDs
    Team Record: 12-0

    In addition, Colt Brennan has shattered career NCAA records not to mention last year passing for more than 5,000 yards and 58 TDs!!!

    I dont believe class should matter in Heisman, but at same time, look at Colt’s body of work for 3 years (he didnt play his freshman year b/c of Chang) and if you removed him from the equation, what is the Rainbow’s record now? Significantly more than if you removed Tebow from the equation! Shoot, UF won it all last year when Tebow was NOT playing!

    I’m out.

  3. I think the notion of respectability is a little exaggerated these days Bruins1. Saban, Miles when at Oklahoma St and many others have said one thing and then done another. I can see Tedford going to Michigan if for some reason Miles doesn’t go, but no Mariucci or Green.

  4. dexineffex – It’s going to be hard for Brennan to even get an invite to the Heisman party. Tebow broke national records not just SEC ones. McFadden will be the best player in the NFL, but Tebow wins the Heisman in rather easy fashion due to Chase Daniel choking last night against Oklahoma.

  5. dexineffex says

    Just pulling for underdog here StoneCold. If Colt doesnt get an invite, that is a freakin shame b/c Chase Daniel blew his opp. They can’t just have 2 guys at the Athletic Club that evening…..Colt in the house and I’m pulling for the upset.

    I think you’re also the prognosticator who said Les Miles was for sure going to Michigan, Mizzou covers, and ain’t NO WAY WVA loses to Pitt. Hmmm……all of a sudden Colt looks like a shoe-in. J/K.

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