October 24, 2021

Bobby Petrino is a Pu$$y

Bobby Petrino resigns

I’m comtemplating right now who is a bigger dollar chasing lying weasel than Bobby Petrino these days. I’m not going to discuss the shadiness Petrino has exemplified in recent years by having SECRET discussions with Auburn in the middle of the night while still the coach of Louisville. I don’t want to even discuss jumping to the NFL a year after he signed a huge contract with Louisville because he stated he only wanted to remain the Cardinals coach right after chit chatting with LSU and the Oakland Raiders. These things don’t hold a candle to what Petrino pulled this evening. Bobby resigned as head coach of the Atlanta Falcons with three games to play in the season so he can become the new coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks. He can’t even coach his way through one season because things didn’t go his way? Especially after last night he said “We’ll come back on Wednesday to take a look at it, and then we’ll get back to work.” “We have to find something to rally around.”

Is the grass always greener on the other side Bobby? Do you not have the stones to stay somewhere and handle the ups and downs of a college or a pro program? Do you care about nothing but the mighty dollar? I hope you realize Houston Nutt was the coach of the year twice in the SEC with ARKANSAS and they still ran his ass out of Fayetteville!!!


from Jan 2007 “Weasel, Snake, Saban, Petrino…Same Difference”


  1. No Way Stonecold. This is a business decision and he made the right one. get out now.. He only took this job because he saw his offense being run by Vick and what he has now and what is available in the draft made it very clear that this was a job he did not see as a fit for him. Arkansas is perfect for him and he will not be shamed like Saban for leaving because this situation he left is much different. you go Bobby.. the organization is not a Home Depot and I do not see Rich McKay adding the pieces to this dysfunctonal team that makes any difference for many years to come.


  2. This has started to become quite comical Bruins1. I couldn’t disagree with you more, but rather than stir the pot I will agree to disagree.

  3. i think arthur blank agrees with me and with stonecold. petrino is lying, sleazy, low down scum of the earth type fella.


  4. Petrino is a rat-bastage! It’s one thing to bail on your team mid-season, but to do it to the Falcons when they’re in the midst of a nightmare season and to hear Rich McKay on MNF saying Petrino is our guy….regardless of this record he’s a stand up guy, has a good plan and is in it for the long haul….the owner is protecting his coach……WOW! I was watching SC with one eye open and saw breaking news at midnight live from the Pig-pen — I perked up especially knowing Good ‘Ol Butch is in the cat bird seat in Chapel Thrill…..and was flabergasted to see Quitrino wallering in the slop with the rest of those pigs. WTF?

    I agree with StoneCold’s rant and think Quitrino is where he should be ….. sloppin around in the stye with the pigs of the SEC!

  5. LMAO…great comment dexineffex!

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