October 24, 2021

UCLA Football Coaching Rumor Mill

Chris Petersen

I think it’s pretty safe to day Karl Dorrell is out like a Members Only jacket at the end of this year as the head coach of UCLA. Wanna know who is the next head coach for this potential PAC 10 powerhouse? Boise State’s current head coach Chris Petersen will be the new head coach in LA next year. Rumors are swirling already and we are going to run with this story as a done deal! Once Petersen takes over the Bruins the rest of the PAC 10 better pay attention because this guy is a ball coach. If he can take the Boise State Broncos into a BCS game and stun a Stoopes coached Sooners team then you should know he is for real. The only way this doesn’t go down is if Rick Neuheisel blows so much spoke at the AD of UCLA that he can’t see straight.


  1. Also look at Mariucci –

    Of course people will be up in arms about even the speculation of The Karl being axed. I cant wait to see jesse and rev. al sharpton go on a the talk shows cus a black coach was again wronged. Cant say that he beat USC because so has Stanford and Oregon State over the last 2 years. But none of them has looked as bad as the Bruins when they lost to Notre Dame this year. A complete embarassment

    Well lets take a look shall we:
    let’s assume that this year’s 20 returning starters team manages to eek out a single win out of its last 3 games, all of which are against ranked teams, and ends the year at 6-6. Thus, by the sheer, almighty grace of Heaven, UCLA’s record would be this:

    2003 — 6-7 (L – Silicon Valley Bowl)
    2004 — 6-6 (L – Las Vegas Bowl)
    2005 — 10-2 (W – Sun Bowl)
    2006 — 7-6 (L – Emerald Bowl)
    2007 — 6-6 (hypothetical, not counting Bowl Game)
    TOTAL: 35-27, or 56.45%.

    Flip a coin, and you have a 50% chance of it coming up heads or tails. A 1 in 2 chance.

    After 5 years with UCLA, it’s still not all-that-much better than a coin flip (i.e. a 1 in 2 chance) as to whether a UCLA team is going to win or not. Take out 2005, and it’s exactly that. 25 and 25. A freaking coin flip.

    By contrast, compare KD’s first 5 years to the 5-year records of some other Pac-10 coaches:

    U$C — Carroll — 54-10 = 84.38%.
    Better than a 5 out of 6 chance.

    Cal — Tedford — 43-20 = 68.25%.
    Better than 2 out of 3.

    Oregon — Bellotti — 39-20 = 66.10%.
    Just a hair under 2 out of 3.

    UCLA — Toledo — 35-23 = 60.34%
    Just about 3 out of 5.

    Even Toledo was more likely to win during his first 5 years than KD. I’m not saying that 60% SHOULD be the baseline, but come ON.

    Just winning at Coach Bellotti’s level means winning an average of 8 out of 12 games every year. If in one year you get 10 wins, you may have a 6-win year to balance it out. Still, I wouldn’t mind THAT kind of spread: heads, you go to Vegas; tails, you might win the Pac-10.

    Under KD, however, we’ve had ONE 10-win season for THREE 6 or 7-win seasons. At the rate we’re going, we’ll be LUCKY to make it one 10-win season against FOUR 6-win seasons.

    Karl Dorrell’s Record (updated as of 12/27/06)

    1. 1-3 against Southern Cal.
    2. No Pac-10 championships.
    3. No BCS bowl games.
    4. 1-10 on the road against teams with a winning record.
    5. Worst starting 3- AND 4-year record of any UCLA football coach since WW2, including Bob Toledo who was fired.
    6. Worse winning percentage than Bob Toledo, who was fired.
    7. 3-11 against ranked teams.
    8. 2-7 against top 10 teams.
    9. Only 6 conference wins against teams over .500.
    10. 19-14 in the Pac-10.
    11. 8-17 against teams with a winning record.
    12. 10 losses to unranked teams.
    13. He has a losing record after October, 6-12.
    14. Embarrassing losses to Wyoming, Fresno State, Arizona, Washington State at home and Southern Cal.
    15. Only 1 big game win.
    16. Revolving door for assistant coaches.
    17. 80% of Bruins fans polled on Bruinsnation.com disapprove of the job Karl Dorrell is doing.

  2. Now that is one thorough comment Bruins1. I would say you are a little passionate about UCLA and the current status of their football team. 😉

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