October 20, 2021

StonecoldJZ’s Sound Off

StonecoldJZ's Sound Off

* Why do NFL teams continue to kick to Devin Hester? I thought Mike Shanahan is one of the most respected NFL coaches? Hester ran two punts back for touchdowns in the Bears come from behind victory against the Broncos. You punt to Hester then you set yourself up for a highlight clip…that’s it!

* Why does Arkansas hate Houston Nutt so bad? This guy has been rumored to get the boot for years now and today he did receive the pink slip they have been requesting! The Razorbacks went to the SEC Championship game last year and just beat #1 LSU this past week. What do these fans really expect?

* Good luck tonight Ricky Williams. It’s your first game back in close to two years and you are up against the #1 defense in the NFL. I would like to predict you don’t break off more than 50 yards because we all know the only reason you are back playing is because you owe the Dolphins over $8 million.

* Go Mizzou! You simply must beat the Oklahoma Sooners this Saturday in the Big 12 Championship because the Buckeyes don’t deserve to back door the BCS Championship game. The only team the F$%keyes beat all year is Michigan and we all know the Wolverines were a complete farce this year.

* Goodbye John Fox. The Carolina Panthers haven’t won a home game in over a year. Yesterday’s 31-6 debacle at home to the New Orleans Saints sealed the fate of John Fox being fired by end of year.


  1. Buh Bye:

    Fox – Hello Cowher
    Callahan- Hello Gill
    Dorrell – Hello Neuheisal

    Whats all this stuff about the best team in college is still LSU.. Hey people.. they have lost to 2 teams with at least 4 losses, the best team in your league is NOT in the SEC Championship and your vaunted Defense looks like Louisville. Get over it les Miles is gone, BCS Championship in your home state is kaput and you have lost your luster.

    Way to go:
    Gus Ferrotte, Eli Manning and Denver D

  2. ROFLMAO – great comments Bruins1.

    I sure hope Cowher replaces Fox, but I might be California dreaming. 😉

    I say Monte Kiffin or Bo Pellini for Nebraska and Petersen rather than Neuheisel.

    I hear ya on LSU not being the best team, but I would still prefer the Tigers going to the BCS game than Ohio St. 🙁

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