October 20, 2021

Sean Taylor Dies

Sean Taylor dies

Sean Taylor couldn’t survive the amount of blood he lost from a gunshot wound and this morning he passed away. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Taylor’s family and the whole Redskins organization.


  1. you will find out in a few days or even weeks that this was not random and since he was there because he played in tampa that day and someone knowing he was going to be home.. along with nothing being stolen that this was not a robbery gone sour.

    he was still young and since he had alledgedly changed his life.. he probably dissed some of the home boys he ran with in the past.

    I also heard that he was shot in the groin area.. which says someone went after him maliciously not because this person was trying to get away from being caught.

    If it doesnt fit.. it aint it. and the points all show this was a planned job.. not ‘fo jewry’.. but for Sean Taylor’s life.

  2. I couldn’t agree more Bruins1. This isn’t random by any means rather someone trying to send a message to Sean. I just hope we don’t find out his wife was somehow part of this mess.

  3. I meant fiancee.

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