August 9, 2022

Brett Favre for MVP

Brett Favre

It seems that when most people discuss the NFL MVP these days it revolves around the idea that Tom Brady has already locked this award up. I understand the Patriots are 10-0 and possibly heading towards an undefeated season, but don’t hand Brady the award yet. Brett Favre is also in the race for the MVP and his 20 completions in a row yesterday along with 381 yards and 3 touchdowns against Detroit displays how important he is to the Packers.

Brett Favre doesn’t have Randy Moss, Dante Stallworth, Wes Welker, and Ben Watson on his squad yet check out the numbers below. The Packers were not expected to be very good this year yet they stand at 10-1 due to the superior play of Brett Favre to date and for the leadership and experience he exudes. I think it’s a no brainer that Favre should win the MVP!

* Favre has 3,356 yards after 11 games while Brady has 3,059 after 10
* Favre averages 305.1 yards a game versus Brady’s 305.9
* Favre 22 TD’s to Brady’s 38


  1. Come on now Stone Cold, you know I had to chime in on this one. First, Farve isn’t even second in the MVP race, it’s Moss. Brady is about to demolish every record there is and every team in gunning for the Pats when they play them, not the Packers. Farve has thrown almost a hundred more times than Brady. Farve is awesome, don’t get me wrong and he’s having a great year for a team that plays a cup cake schedule. The NFC is the JV and they’re all playing for second place. If Matt Cassel was the QB in NE they would be a .500 team at best. People are talking about Brady because he deserves it. He’s been in Manning’s shadow for 6 years and it shows you that he’s a better QB than him when he has great weapons. Hell, they should have won the AFC Championship last year with Gaffney and Caldwell as their starters…..and still Brady got no MVP consideration. It’s been this way all his career, shitty receivers and he still gets it done. Now, I have to read this garbage about Brady having the goods now….it’s his time and he deserves it. Let’s see how Brett plays against the Cowboys next week. I’m still not sold on the Packers.

  2. First off, Matt Cassel is not an excellent example to say that if he was starting the Patriots would be .500. I think that is a no-brainer to say the least and it would be even worse for the Packers if Aaron Rodgers was starting.

    The Packers are now 10-1 and yet you don’t believe? There are too many other people saying the same thing and that is why Favre isn’t getting the love he deserves in MVP discussions.

    As always thanks for the comment BOE.

    The Patriots could win by 60 tonight with A.J Feeley starting!

  3. Stonecold- Farve not getting the love he deserves?????? Everybody practically blows him everytime he steps on the field. Have you heard the announcers everytime he plays? Frankly, I’m sick of him and his stupid I’m retiring, I’m not retiring crap. Now, he’s probably going to play another couple of years so we can hear more of this crap in the future. I think he’s great but to think he’s having a better season than Brady is absurd.

  4. Farve has been blown repeatedly since 95. Brady has been in Manning’s shadow his whole career. The Pats are undefeated and should be talked about. I thought by hanging out with the BOE you would be more knowledgeable about choice subjects? I guess I was wrong…..

  5. I guess I’m just not a Patriot homer looking through rose colored glasses.

  6. I know. You’re a Panthers fan…bless your heart!

  7. LOL! Thanks BOE! I need all the blessings I can get with the 2007 Panthers.