January 23, 2022

World Series Game Two Bet

Curt Schilling

Boston doesn’t dominate in the same fashion as last night, but they do cover -1.5 at Fenway. 😉

Overall Record:

NFL 32-16-3
College Football: 23-25
MLB 7-0
College Basketball 48-37-2
NBA 6-4


  1. Stonecold.. you won that game last night in the first inning.. 3 strike outs and your first batter belts one out.. end of story.. good win..But not tonite.

  2. You really have no faith do you Bruins1. Oh well!

  3. I totally agree the Sox will sweep.. but I have the underdog for the series.

  4. I’m thoroughly confused……

  5. Go Sox Go!!!! I say sweep

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