October 27, 2021

World Series Game One Bet

Josh Beckett

You don’t bet against Josh Beckett in the playoffs and especially not in the World Series. I know the Rockies have won 100 games in a row, but take the Sox and -1.5.

Overall Record:

NFL 32-16-3
College Football: 23-25
MLB 6-0
College Basketball 48-37-2
NBA 6-4



  1. I have to go against you on this one SCJZ. I’ve never seen a hotter team. I compare this team to that Marlin team that beat the Yanks…Josh should know something about that.

  2. I understand Peter, but I hate to see you lose this bet. The Rockies have been off for 8 days straight and Fenway will be rockin. I don’t think the final score will even be close, but what do I know?

  3. I agree with Stonecold which is why I bet the Rockies at 2-1. Makes sense? of course not but what the heck. I did this when the Dodgers w/out Gibby beat the unbeatable A’s and then when the Reds swept the A’s as well as when the Marlins beat da Yanks. Gimme the underdogs in a 7 game series and I am all over it.

  4. Bruins1 – I only bet on the Sox tonight. I did not and wouldn’t bet on the series due to so many unknowns. I did however take the Sox tonight and they will COVER -1.5.

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