October 24, 2021

The New Wooden

Ben Howland

Psyche! Ben Howland is however making himself quite a name in Los Angeles these days. Howland signed a seven-year deal today that will be worth well over $16 million when it’s all said and done. Howland received this extension because he has guided the Bruins to back-to-back Final Four’s for the first time since 1976 during the glory days of UCLA. If I was UCLA I would have locked this man into a 20 year deal because he is the REAL DEAL. I fully expect UCLA will have a National Championship before 2010 and they might end up with two by then.


  1. Lets get this straight… there is and always will be only 1 Wooden. Even when My Man Ben retires I dont think there will ever be a Howland Classic. Well maybe in Northern Colorado.

    This is awesome news. Now.. if we can only get rid of the head football coach and bring in an old NFL coach .. like Mike Martz then I would be happy. lets go back to Bob Toledo days.

    Bruins will be in the toughest conference in thew country this BBall year so look for 7 teams gto come out of this conference to make the NCAA’s. USC, Wash St, Oregon, Wash, Cal, and either Stanford or Zona. yes a possibility of 8. So my prediction is the winner of the Pac 10 will have 3 losses. Yes SEC and ACC backers. The Pac 10 is the best in 2007-2008.

  2. It’s straight Bruins1….that was what we like to call tongue in cheek. 😉

    Nice to have you back! I thought you had passed away.

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