October 24, 2021

StonecoldJZ’s Sound Off

StonecoldJZ's Sound Off

* The fires in California have calmed some so the Texans and Chargers will play in San Diego. I hope this is a sign of good things to come for the poor people in San Diego County who have been devastated by the wild fires.

* Vinny Testaverde will start again this weekend for the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers face a tough Colts defense in Indy this Sunday so I hope they protect him well. I truly would rather have Vinny starting than David Carr based on his play so far this year so GO VINNY and maybe the Panthers can shock the NFL this weekend.

* ESPN/USA Today released their preseason college basketball poll today and Carolina is numero uno, UCLA #2, Memphis #3, Kansas #4 and Georgetown #5. I don’t agree with Carolina at the top although it’s the cool pick right now and Georgetown without Jeff Green is not quite a top five team.

* Matt Ryan pulled one out of his A$$ last night and that back door in the final two minutes killed my wager. I know Matt Ryan will more than likely be the first quarterback drafted in the upcoming NFL draft, but he should not be discussed in the Heisman talk. His team is a paper tiger and Tim Tebow and Andre Woodson are way more important to their teams.

* The thug who shot and hurt five Duquesne University basketball players last year after a school dance pleaded guilty today and will get up to 40 years in prison. I think they should give the guy life for his blatant attack, but I guess it’s just because I have no patience for these antics.


  1. there a couple more to add :

    WTF are NFL teams doing playing in jolly ol’ England? The fans that have season tix to these teams have got to be pissed because no doubt they were charged for the extra home game just as they are charged full boat for pre-season games. This is where the NFL has gone David Stern. The World League folded and other than soccer, a Live Aid and the Rolling Stones I dont think the Londoners really give a sh*t about the Fins or the Giants. I could be totally wrong but a Jesse Chapman v Derek Ward matchup is a total wanker of a game to promote our sport.

    Have you seen more parody in college football than this year? And of course I can see the BCS with 2 minutes to go in the BC v VTech game popping champagne like the 72 Dolphins Alum thinking that BC was on their way to a loss so they could pop LSU back in the picture. Way to go BC as those who belive LSU is still the best team in CFA have to wake up. Let those teams without a loss get their props. LSU has certainly showed they are not made of teflon and can be beat. Until Ariz St, Kansas, BC and Ohio St lose they should be ranked 1-4. Then have the second tier with those who have a loss. BTW: Oregon, USC and Florida can beat LSU. The SEC Championship will prove that.

  2. dexineffex says

    Well Stonecold, looks like we both landed 4/5 in our top 5 pre-season picks. Just that I get the tiebreaker for 2 reasons: UNC was #1 AND my #24 pick of the pack’s ranking was spot on!! And to respond to Bruins1, I just personally believe that UCLA the past couple of years has gotten by in a weak Pac-10. I know there have been a couple of teams that’ve had some decent players (Wash, Zona, Oregon) but those have been flashes in the pan. The times I’ve seen them play on cable TV, they have looked slow & unimpressive (except Collison). It’s just my opinion, I dont follow ’em but I knew it’d get two dudes fired up in this thread :-). They’re legit, but they ain’t no UNC! NCAA championships won in the past 30 years (UNC – 3, UCLA – 1). Most wins by a D-1 Coach (Dean – 879, Wooden – 664).

    I love to spin stats into my favor!!! 🙂

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