October 27, 2021

Nebraska A.D. Gets the Boot

Nebraska Cornhuskers

Nebraska athletic director Steve Pederson was fired today just two days after a complete Big 12 football embarassment went down in Lincoln, Nebraska. The Cornhuskers football team lost 45-14 at home to a mediocre Oklahoma State team and Nebraska now has been outscored 86-20 in their last two games. The sad thing is the University just re-upped Pederson’s contract in the summer for five years which means he is going to get some nice cash to walk away, but the sadder thing is Bill Callahan still has a job??? The guys is a COMPLETE joke and he showed that he was in Oakland! I suggest you let his sorry a$$ go to before the state of Nebraska takes care of him on their own.


  1. Hey Husker Fan…


    how is mediocrity these days since ol Tom left before he got caught? So honest he ran for Govt Office. This is what you get for years of not knowing.. alledgedly… your players were not going to class and graduating.

  2. Speak of the devil Bruins1. Tom Osborne is now the interim Athletic Director. Think he might become interim coach too?

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