September 20, 2021

Texas Tech Means QB Heaven

Graham Harrell

Graham Harrell threw for an astonishing 646 yards yesterday against Oklahoma State. Harrell threw five touchdowns along with all those yards, but the Red Raiders still lost the game 45-49. The 646 yards place Harrell as fourth best all-time in most yards thrown in one game. Three of the top five are from Texas Tech and played under offensive guru Mike Leach. Below is a list of the top five with David Klingler leading the way with 716.

1990 David Klingler Houston Arizona State 716
1990 Matt Vogler TCU Houston 690
2003 B.J. Symons Texas Tech Ole Miss 661
2007 Graham Harrell Texas Tech Okla. State 646
2005 Cody Hodges Texas Tech Kansas State


  1. you know what this means? You have Zero shot to make it as an impact player in the NFL. Look at the list of those who threw for un-godlike numbers in a game and then search their NFL stats and prove me wrong.

  2. Can’t prove you wrong at all. That being said, I wouldn’t mind walking away from college football with my name in the record books. Call me whacky.

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