October 19, 2021

Shaq Is Going to the Big D and I Don’t Mean Dallas

Shaquille O'Neal requests divorce from his wife

Shaquille O’Neal wants a divorce from his wife Shaunie with whom he has been married to for the last five years. They currently have a home up for sale at a whopping $32 million price tag plus he is pulling down $20 million a year with the Heat. This doesn’t even count how much Shaq D makes in endorsements so little Miss Shaunie just hit the jackpot to say the least since it’s likely she will take the five kids.



  1. I love that ESPN commercial. See what happens? move to Miami and get divorced. How does Kobe look now Big Daddy? guess what the Heat picked up the two worst clutch players in NBA history.. Smush Parker this year in Free Agency and last year Eddie Jones. Hey Miami.. I hear Sumaki Walker is available. This team is done.. except for Duane wade this team is where the Lakers were 3 years ago. A stud, a bunch of old guys with a sprinkling of nobodys give you a 38-42 record. But in the East that is good for a 6th seed.

  2. Bruins1 bringing da heat. Yeah!

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