September 19, 2021

Notre Dame Flopping Irish

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Charlie Weisz and his 0-2 football team limped into ‘the Big House’ yesterday to face 0-2 Michigan. Michigan didn’t have senior quarterback Chad Henne, but running back Mike Hart was still confident and even guaranteed a win earlier in the week against Notre Dame. His guarantee came through and Michigan wiped the field with the Irish winning 38-0. The Irish and offensive guru Charlie Weisz could only muster 79 total yards on offense. 79 frickin yards??? I guess it makes sense considering Notre Dame has only mustered 345 total yards in three games for a putrid average of 115 yards a game. Horrendous…flat out!


  1. Top of the mornin’ to the Irish.. Thanks again for not covering as I have bet against you all year and have won big.. Continued success Charlie. nothing makes me smile more than SEC, ND and USC losses.

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