September 27, 2021

Mickelson Bombshell

Phil Mickelson

I am absolutely stunned at this news so it makes the site even though it’s just a rumor at this time. There is word at that Phil Mickelson has a love child with a black stripper from Hotlanta. The rumor goes on to say that SportsIllustrated was going to break this news, but sponsors were going to ‘pull out’ if the story was printed. Did you like my use of ‘pull out’? 😉

Article: Mickelson love child?


  1. Was chunky Phil at Club Cheetah back in the day with Patrick Ewing, Andrew Jones & D-Rod? Holy cow, if this is true, you’re going to see a career implosion by Lefty…..he finally figured out how to handle sunday pressure….but that’s gotta be a drop in the bucket to bastard-child pressure…..

  2. this is freaking AWESOME news!!!!

    Phil Mycraken is a doushebag. He will never be as good as Tiger and the more he changes his swing the worse he gets. getting Butch harmon basically told Tiger to open up the throttle and run it up.

  3. Priceless dexineffex. If this is true I totally agree he will be as good as over.

    Mickelson should have never really been compared to Tiger Bruins1. You are aboslutely right about the difference in talent.

  4. Phil Mickelson looks like hes getting fucked in the ass haha i mean look at both there face expressions

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