September 28, 2021

Kobe Sippin Cristal

Kobe and Cristal incident at the Wynn in Las Vegas

Click here to read about how Kobe rolls when he hits da club!. Kobe brings it…or he just doesn’t bring it at all.


  1. I love how he rolls!!!

    Also – you didnt hear of anyone makin’ it rain, no shootings, no drive bys.. This is one of the good guys whether you like him or not. He only wants to play for a winner and when the owner is too busy counting his rings, his Hugh Hefner ex girlfriends, his money and his DUI’s he gets a little upset and I dont blame him.

    name another sports star who would have an ilicit relationship go as public as his, and his wife stay by his side while strengthening the relationship over time.

  2. Your Laker love is intertwined with these comments.

  3. So what .. where was I wrong?

  4. Nothing is wrong necessarily, but it did sound like you were wearing a pair of rose colored glasses.

  5. as well as my number 24 jersey..

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